Comprehensive global expertise certifies that you meet international ethical and scientific standards

Good Clinical Practice (GCP)

Our highly experienced, trained and competent team of specialist GCP auditors has conducted thousands of audits in all therapeutic areas, according to international and national regulations, in over 100 countries. Continual positive client feedback is evidence of our professionalism and competency.

The conduct of GCP quality audits is becoming an increasingly challenging process, owing to the complexity of clinical trials and the location of investigator sites. Although the majority of sponsor organizations reside in Europe, the USA and Japan, their clinical trial sites are often located in Asia, Africa, South America, the Middle East and the Far East. Our experienced team is adept at dealing with the diverse cultures that they encounter.

Highly Experienced.
Global Reach.

Assurance and confidence are values we live by, we understand they underpin your compliance activities.



ADAMAS has conducted thousands of GxP audits in over 100 countries for over 750 international clients. We are committed to providing all our clients with the highest level of service in every country. With offices in three continents, our global capabilities allow ADAMAS to provide coverage for a wide range of healthcare clients, operating internationally.


ADAMAS has a growing team of full-time, employed permanent consultants, each with an average QA experience of over 10 years, based in three regional offices. With staff based across four continents not only is ADAMAS able to provide coverage for a wide range of clients, we are able to ensure travel for our staff is safe, responsible and practical.

IT AND Infrastructure

ADAMAS partners with the best and most-respected IT suppliers to serve our customers better. We utilize cutting-edge technology including end-to-end encrypted document sharing, ADAMAS audit metrics and benchmarking data so we can provide our clients with efficient and secure service with actionable insights.


ADAMAS has comprehensive measures in place to ensure that the data we collect is safeguarded to every extent possible and reflects the ‘state of the art’ GDPR. We also have a number of internal compliance steps to ensure that data is protected from external threats, including independent penetration testing.

ADAMAS has a global reach with staff based across four continents. Not only does this help with language and cultural barriers, but also the travel time and cost for the conduct of these audits.

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Letaviah Thomas – Consultant – ADAMAS Consulting

We are focusing on new and innovative ideas on how to manage compliance during these challenging times. Our US Consultant Letaviah Thomas explains the ADAMAS approach. Regulatory Authorities have recently affirmed that GxP compliance and safety remain absolutely paramount even in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Given the extensive travel and other restrictions in place to control the spread of the virus, alternative approaches to routine regulatory oversight are needed.

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