Do you share our values, our entrepreneurial spirit and want to take part in ADAMAS’s growth? If so, join us and develop your potential rapidly in a challenging and rewarding environment.

Our Values

Clarity, Integrity, Excellence

An Exceptional Adventure

Joining ADAMAS means taking part in an exceptional adventure; it means building professional knowledge recognised by the market, and, beyond that, a real life experience. It means joining a group whose entire history is fuelled by a strong innovative spirit, which has consistently achieved growth since its inception. ADAMAS is a global player in the fields of clinical quality assurance and training. Its professionals all share a common culture of excellence and place a high value on integrity, independence and respect. It’s naturally placed continuing education is at the heart of its career strategy and this is a key promise of its personal development programme.

Growing, Agile and Innovative

ADAMAS is a growing, agile and innovative organisation. As a provider of services, we work in an intellectually demanding environment: our added value comes above all from the quality of our teams and from their capacity to work together and on their own initiative to devise tailored and innovative approaches for each of our clients.

Technical and managerial training, international seminars, knowledge sharing and best-practice. Developing your skills is one of our key HR commitments and because we put a high price on autonomy and responsibility, we give you the opportunity to drive your career path. ADAMAS is a meritocracy and in the development environment that has been created, the opportunities for rapid career progression are manifold.

Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders

Our business is genuinely international with operating companies in the three major economic zones of Europe, Asia Pacific and the Americas. Built as an international partnership that is, by nature, collaborative and multicultural and puts human capital first. We are constantly developing new offers suited to each market or sector, deploying globally proven methodologies and strengthening existing synergies between countries and activities. ADAMAS’ growth is nurtured by the diversity of its people and cultures and the Group makes it a priority to identify talent early on and to develop the potential of tomorrow’s leaders.

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