Our Brand Evolution

by | Apr 10, 2021 | Adamas News

For over two decades ADAMAS has shown an unwavering commitment to being a market leader that sets the standard for best in class service. Part of being an innovator is to be continuously looking at how we can improve. We must always be evaluating not only our services but also our message to our people, our clients and the rest of our industry. We’ve come to realise that although our brand has embodied our core values well, it needed to be refreshed to fully communicate our standing as a company. We needed to evolve our brand and better reflect the ADAMAS of today, so we can create the ADAMAS of tomorrow.

We are proud to be a brand with a strong heritage, and the tradition that we have established over the years forms a fundamental part of our identity. However, if we rigidly cling to just our past achievements and fail to recognise the changes that have occurred. we would not be honouring our commitment to being leaders in the industry.

We took time to understand every aspect of the ADAMAS brand, its business, its people and its culture so we could better balance our forward-thinking attitudes with our core brand values and history. Our brand has been built on trust, credibility and unparalleled industry knowledge. We pride ourselves on our collaborative relationships and our ability to not only understand and support our clients’ needs, but also those of our valued employees. It is only by embracing all the pillars of our ethos that we have been able to create our new refreshed branding.

Professional and reassuring, our new visual identity has deep respect and consideration for the brand’s heritage whilst refocusing on our aim to be forward-thinking and inspirational. Our new imagery refines our logo so it better compliments our business as a high-end, established consultancy. History without innovation risks stagnation, but change without roots risks uncertainty. The new branding is able to capture our connection to the past, bring into focus where the brand stands at the present and aspire to always be ready for the future.

Together with design agency Engage Convert we have updated every touchpoint to establish our new, modern and dynamic identity. No matter where we are communicating with our clients we are now able to offer them a seamless experience.

By allowing our brand to be more flexible and responsive, we are aligning ourselves with an elite sphere of brands that are recognizable by just their symbols. Like a swoosh, an apple or the golden arches, our A can now stand alone as a symbol that communicates clarity, integrity and excellence.

We’re excited to see the response to our new image and look forward to the future that we can all build together.

For details of how ADAMAS’s experts can help, please contact us info@adamasconsulting.com or call us on +44 (0)1344 751 210 in Europe / +1-919-341-3361 in the US.