Why working at ADAMAS is a good decision

by | Feb 17, 2017 | Adamas News, Blog Of The Day

There are times in our professional lives when we are looking for a job change. When this search leads to ADAMAS, it may prompt the question, “Why is working at ADAMAS a good decision?” It might be beneficial to hear the perspective of a current employee, something that is not normally available when making such decisions.
For a smaller sized company, ADAMAS has delivered big with industry competitive benefits and it is always looking at ways to increase their value to their employees. Additionally, they are always seeking creative, as well as traditional, learning opportunities to help their employees advance their industry knowledge and keep them at the top of their game.
The thing that sets ADAMAS apart though is in how they care about and respect their employees. They not only “get it” but they “live it”. It is not uncommon for a member of management to call or email just to see how an employee is doing, to make sure their work-life balance is ok or to offer assistance during an extremely busy work week.
The most convincing reason working at ADAMAS is a good decision for me is that during some recent serious medical challenges, their immediate concern was for me and my recovery – nothing else. It was refreshing to be told to only concentrate on getting well. During this time, they worked together to complete all in process work obligations. They even called just to send well wishes and hellos! ADAMAS equally takes care of their clients in such circumstances as their processes include how to manage last minute project continuity in the case of unexpected illness.
ADAMAS really understands that their employees are the foundation of their business and treating them with respect builds them up, making them stronger and more productive. This level of respect and concern is also indicative of the regard they have for their current and future clients. So if you are ready for a better way, take a look at ADAMAS.