Two ADAMAS senior staff featured in the RQA journal ‘QUASAR’

by | Aug 10, 2015 | Adamas News, Blog Of The Day, Industry Focus

ADAMAS was pleased to have two of its senior staff featured in the July edition of the RQA journal ‘QUASAR’.
A professional and personal profile of Dr Christine Henderson, who is a Board Member of RQA and the Quality and Training Director of ADAMAS Consulting, was featured.  You may be interested to read about Christine’s unusual and somewhat unconventional background before she joined the pharmaceutical industry.
Mark Poulton, who is a Principal Consultant in ADAMAS, was invited to the Scotland and English Borders Regional Forum to present on ‘Audit vs Inspection’.  A summary of the meeting and a photograph of Mark in action have been published in the journal.  Mark is preparing a blog summarising the presentation.
All ADAMAS consultants are members (and some are Fellows) of RQA and several are very active in the Association, sharing skills and knowledge to further progress the QA profession.