The BARQA West and Wales Regional Forum

by | Oct 31, 2012 | Adamas News, Blog Of The Day, Industry Focus

The BARQA West and Wales Regional Forum (WWRF) is arguably the organisation’s largest area.  Encompassing 15 English counties and the whole of Wales, the region homes 30% of the UK BARQA members.  ADAMAS actively supports and encourages attendance and participation in BARQA Regional Fora as they provide an excellent opportunity to keep updated with the constant changes in pharmaceutical research legislation, be involved in discussions regarding examples of best industry practices and to make new friends and put faces to names across the region.
Approximately 80% of the 400 WWRF members live and/or work in Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Hampshire so venues were sought within these counties.  Reponses to a questionnaire sent out canvassing opinion on how far members would be prepared to travel, identified locations along the M4 corridor and in close proximity to rail stations as ideal.  Regarding what members wanted from their meetings was almost unanimous in response – GXP updates, discussion on how to interpret regulatory requirements and guidance documents and lastly and by no means least, the opportunity to network.
I have now chaired two WWRF, the first in Wokingham hosted by Premier Research Ltd and the second in Chippenham, hosted by Theorem Clinical Research Ltd.  Both meetings attracted around 40 attendees and featured of note GXP (GLP, GMP, GCP and GPvP) updates by presentation and/or posters; interpretation of new regulatory guidance (FDA Guidance, A Risk- Based Approach to Monitoring 2011; MHRA Risk-adapted Approaches to the management of Clinical Trials 2011; and EMA Reflection paper on risk based quality management); and the opportunity to network (through coffee breaks, buffet lunches, a quiz and workshop).  The programmes are varied and include discussion, such as “Why do similar audit findings continue to come up during subsequent audits?”.  The programme aims to cater for all GXPs, but the predominant membership in the WWRF is GCP, so the programme at times will favour the majority.  However the WWRF is always open to suggestions for topics, for offers to present and to host the Forum – so if there is anything you would like to hear, then please let us know.  It is your Forum!