ADAMAS Consulting Awarded Best Poster at SQA 2015

by | Apr 28, 2015 | Adamas News, Blog Of The Day, Industry Focus

blog-image-lg-posterDana Beck, one of our leading Consultants for ADAMAS Consulting in the Americas, was recently honoured by the Society of Quality Assurance and awarded the “Best Poster” accolade at the SQA 2015 Annual Conference held in Tampa, Florida the week of April 12th.
Her Poster, ”Be Forewarned! Inform with Caution! Are we enlightening or overwhelming potential subjects?” reflects Dana’s insights and passions for the continuous improvement of the Informed Consent process.
Ms. Beck was inspired to investigate the best tools for the informed consent form and process through her years as a clinical auditor.  She also happens to be married to a wonderful 8th grade history teacher who provides direct feedback from people with that educational level.  Through her research she was able to suggest additional age, socio-economic, and comprehension targeted strategies that should be deployed during the informed consent process rather than relying on a dozen or more written pages.
ADAMAS is tremendously proud of her dedicated work and commitment to better research practices.
It is truly an honour to be recognized as such by one’s peers.
As a leading provider of clinical audits and Quality Assurance Consulting services on a global basis, ADAMAS continues to be a leading contributor to the advancement and thought leadership driving our industry.
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