Team Tuesdays: A Unique Financial Team

by | Feb 25, 2020 | ADAMAS Team Tuesdays

As CFO of ADAMAS, I oversee overall financial control of the group. It’s a unique financial team that uses global relationships to its advantage to do good work and play our part in getting important, life-changing drugs to market. Think about that next time you see us as boring bean counters!
Not only are my team highly experienced and professional, but the overall skillset goes way beyond what you’d usually expect. These guys are outstanding, with the ability to resolve issues and help each other, all whilst working with a smile.
Because ADAMAS operates all over the globe as a collective, we appreciate the vastly different fiscal rules and financial concepts worldwide. As you can imagine, tax issues in India are very different to tax issues in the US – and that’s just a single example. The scope of expertise needs to be incredibly broad, so they have to be able to get their collective head around any number of tricky financial challenges every single day. To be part of this very special team, a can-do attitude is absolutely essential and allows us to overcome any obstacles with enthusiasm.
I keep an eye on things like the internal and external financial reporting, the management accounts, all the Companies House stuff – just about everything that affects the financial performance of the group. Cashflow control is a big part of what I do here, as well as monitoring profit and loss.
Utilising technology and systems allows me to plan and forecast which helps the business make decisions. For example, whether we’re looking to recruit and add to the team or make capital investments.
The Finance Department has these fundamental processes that are integral to successful operations. We surpass expectations with varieties of experienced backgrounds – mine, being in the advertising sector yet still financial fluidly transitions into the pharmaceutical industry.
So, I’d like to thank my team for doing what they do to such an extraordinary degree. It makes working with our clients an absolute pleasure.
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Simon Pritchard