SQA Announces Cancellation of the 36th SQA Annual Meeting

by | Mar 13, 2020 | Adamas News, Event

Although disappointed that the event has been cancelled, ADAMAS Consulting fully support the SQA’s sensible decision under the current circumstances surrounding COVID-19. We are looking forward to seeing you all healthy and well next year at the 2021 SQA in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.
Remote Audits
For anyone looking to instruct remote audits, ADAMAS are very well placed to assist, we have the experience, processes and technical skills to conduct remote audits and continue to support our clients with a full range of services across the globe. Please get in touch to see how ADAMAS can help you to remain compliant throughout this disruptive time.
ADAMAS: Your trusted QA adviser

ADAMAS Consulting has been the leading provider of QA services and consulting for over 22 years, and has conducted QA projects in 100 different countries for more than 750 clients. We provide a unique QA outsourcing model to our clients:

  • Our staff are all full-time employees and trained to the highest standards
  • For every project, we assign a dedicated Project Lead, providing one point of contact and clear project oversight
  • We offer value-adding services, such as project benchmarking and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) tracking

We provide consistent quality in audit conduct and report deliverables, anywhere in the world. Whether it is GCP, GVP, CSC, GLP or GMP, ADAMAS has a solution that fits.
In addition, ADAMAS continue to operate on a full functionality basis by implementing the below:

  • The majority of ADAMAS employees are field-based and all have the capability to work remotely and do this on a regular basis
  • ADAMAS’s Business Continuity Plan (BCP) ensures that:
    • Project and business documentation can be fully accessed remotely
    • We can share confidential audit documentation via a highly-secure end-to-end encrypted platform
    • Backup/restore and key IT/IT security processes can easily be managed remotely
    • We have built-in equipment redundancy to cope with failures that might be difficult to address during the COVID-19 outbreak
    • Our QMS remains in place to manage quality of service delivery under all circumstances
  • We have confirmed the implementation and effectiveness of Business Continuing Plans (BCP) for our key suppliers

To learn more about ADAMAS and how we can support during these times of disruption, please call us on +1-919-341-3361 in the US, +44 (0)1344 751 210 in Europe.