Second Wave, Second Strain

by | Aug 12, 2020 | Adamas News

Could a second, potentially more contagious wave, of COVID-19 bring further disruption to travel and clinical trial activities? Is it possible to meet the current oversight and compliance expectations of regulatory authorities?
We are all aware of the initial impact that COVID-19 has had on the healthcare sector and the increased risk it brought to clinical trial oversight and maintenance of data integrity. Many companies have embraced a ‘new normal’ in their approach to continue QA activities, by adopting a myriad of remote and risk based solutions, engaging risk mitigation strategies in alignment with the expectations of regulatory agencies across the globe.
At ADAMAS we believe that surveillance and preparedness are crucial. That is why we have developed services that can be flexible and meet a client’s individual challenges. We have successfully implemented a remote approach for all GxPs and we are confident that whatever challenges lie ahead we can ensure our clients remain compliant and help mitigate future risks.
Are you ready?
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Ian Montague

Chief Executive Officer
ADAMAS Consulting