ADAMAS Spotlight: Chris White

by | Oct 8, 2021 | Adamas News, ADAMAS Team Tuesdays, Blog Of The Day, Industry Focus

It is because of our team of expert consultants with outstanding industry knowledge and exceptional client care that we are able to provide the highest caliber auditing services. Not only is the ADAMAS team composed of the most dedicated and experienced individuals in our field, our consultants have extensive skilled and varied backgrounds that have shaped them into the adept and resourceful specialists they are today.

Chris White is our Global Head of Good Manufacturing Practice. He is responsible for the overall operational management of GMP across all the Americas, EMEA and APAC regions.

Chris came to ADAMAS with an impressive 16 years of experience in Quality Assurance and Good Manufacturing Practice. His depth of knowledge continues to strengthen our position as GMP experts in our field and reflects our leading-edge position in the industry.


What does your role entail?

As Global Head of GMP, I work with clients to provide best support in areas of GMP Compliance, Quality Systems (QMS) Development, QMS Gap Analysis, Supplier Selection and Qualification and a variety of services that are specific to our client’s needs. I manage a fantastic team of GMP consultant who support our clients in providing these services. I support our internal Business Development team by interfacing with clients on different GMP topics, attending industry related conferences and through networking across different social media platforms.  Finally, I work with our internal teams at ADAMAS to drive continuous improvements in our audit and reporting processes, provide continuing education training and identify areas for development within our consultancy practices.


What do you like most about your job?

I enjoy the opportunities to meet and work with new and existing clients. This creates a dynamic working environment, which I thrive in, and an opportunity to experience this industry from a variety of perspectives.  For example, we support clients with early phase clinical products as well as clients that may be looking to take their product from clinical phase to commercial manufacturing. Each client provides a unique opportunity to learn about the industry and industry trends from a variety of first hand experience.


What are your hopes for our industry?

Overall, I hope that our industry continues to establish and maintain confidence in patients and end users that rely on our industry for safe and effective products.  With that being said, I’d like to see the industry continue to evolve and adopt new technologies that decrease risks to the manufacturing process, for example, isolator technology and closed processing systems for gene and cell therapy products.

I’d also like to see a continued focus from manufacturing sites in areas of Deviation Management, CAPA Program and Continuous Improvement to reduce the number of repeat occurrences of manufacturing related deviations as well as repeat observations noted in FDA 483’s and Warning Letters.

I think that ongoing improvement in these areas will be a good measure of industry performance and will enhance the industry’s ability to produce high quality, safe and effective products to the clinical and commercial markets.


Before working at ADAMAS, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

Shortly after graduating from high school, I worked for a contracting company in the cable/ tv industry.  I was part of a four-man team responsible for mapping the residential cable lines across a region just southeast of Kansas City. To generate a map of the cable lines, I had to physically walk down each cable line for the area, measure the distance between each house and draw a diagram of the cables on a map of the residential area.

What did this look like? Upon arriving at each residential area, I had to find the starting point for each line, which was almost always in someone’s backyard.  So I had to jump a lot of fences and walk through a lot of back yards while carrying my toolset; a huge 2×2 ft map, clipboard and rolling measuring wheel to measure the distance while plotting the location of the cable lines on my map. Needless to say, avoiding dogs was the biggest hazard of the job, and by far the worst ‘job hazard’ that I’ve ever had to deal with.

It was very nerve-racking at first but after some time I got pretty good at managing this hazard from yard to yard.  I learned a lot about dogs during that time, how to read their body language, how to bait and switch the slow ones, how to make friends with the big ones, and always had to have an exit plan in the case of unexpected encounters where I didn’t realize there was a dog in the yard already (happened quite a lot). I also had the opportunity to meet a wide variety of people when confronted about, ‘What are you doing in my backyard?’ It was by far the most unusual, exciting, scary, exhausting, but never a dull moment job I’ve ever had.


What do you like to do when you aren’t working? 

I love golf and try to play as much as I can.  I love soccer and coach my son’s U10 soccer team in the fall, summer and spring which keeps me busy on the weekends and in-shape during the week.  I play the guitar to relax when I’m stressed out and I really love movie nights with the wife Kristin, son Jackson (9) and daughter Madilyn (8).