ADAMAS consultants have the necessary depth of knowledge and experience to identify the compliance failures that have the biggest impact on your organisation. We apply critical thinking to solving compliance issues as pragmatically and efficiently as possible.

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Vision, Experience, Understanding

ADAMAS has the vision, experience and understanding of our clients’ needs to assist them in meeting their business goals. We recruit, train and develop high-calibre professionals, and we are committed to the highest standards of excellence, integrity and performance.

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Our Global Reach

ADAMAS has conducted thousands of GxP audits in more than 85 countries for over 500 international clients, and we are committed to providing all our clients with the highest level of service in every country.

With offices in three continents, our global capabilities allow ADAMAS to provide coverage for a wide range of healthcare clients, operating internationally. Our personnel are comprised of highly skilled, experienced professionals, and we pride ourselves on the longstanding relationships that we have developed with major healthcare companies.

Our People

ADAMAS has a growing team of full-time, employed permanent consultants based in three regional offices. The average QA experience of the team is over 10 years, with most of them having many years experience in operational roles before transferring to QA, namely Clinical Development, Pharmacovigilance, Data Management, IT and Regulatory Inspections.

Our experienced consultants are specialists in GCP, GVP, GLP and GMP QA and can provide all of your auditing and quality consulting needs across the product development process from toxicology to pharmacovigilance.

It was a pleasure working with you last week. I really appreciate the way you explained your findings to the site staff, giving them the chance to learn and improve.

Senior Clinical Trial Manager, Global Biopharmaceutical company

We in turn express our gratitude and appreciation for the help, important comments and recommendations.

Principal Investigator, European Hospital

Thank you so much, it was really a fantastic meeting to all of us where we learnt how to audit professionally. We learned a lot. Thank you again.

Clinical Professor/Principal Investigator, European Hospital

I trust the ADAMAS team’s work as much as I do their total professionalism. ADAMAS is a pleasure to work with.

Regulatory Compliance Manager,Biotech Company

Well we made it through our GCP inspection in great shape. It really was a great example of teamwork and being prepared. A lot of our preparation success was directly as a result of the time that you spent with us of the weeks leading up to our inspection.

On behalf of our team I would like to thank you very much for all your help and look forward to working with you again in the future.

Head of QA, Pharma Company

I wanted to send a sincere note of thanks for the collaboration and hard work since starting our collaboration almost one year ago.

We had this week and last week two PV inspections in Europe where our Pharmacovigilance system (including the PV auditing) was challenged. I explained this week the good partnership we have started with ADAMAS and how we work together and both inspectorates were very complimentary.

As auditors we often go the extra mile and it’s almost behind the scenes catalysing change through issue identification, which ultimately drives the improvement of the system. I wanted to let you know that I recognise what you are doing is not easy and that we are grateful for what you do.

Senior Director, Global Biopharmaceutical Organisation

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Regulatory Environment


The development of medicines is the most regulated industry in the world, and compliance at each stage of the research and development process, as well as after licensing, is critical to ensuring high quality and safe medicines reach patients in a timely manner.



ADAMAS’s consultants have expertise across the G’X’Ps in pre-clinical, clinical and post-licensing areas. They have worked across many different therapeutic areas and product types including oncology, vaccines, biologics, medical devices and gene therapy. As a company we have developed close partnerships with our clients to support them in their development programmes and post-licensing activities, and to guide them successfully through their worldwide regulatory inspections.


How to be a Clinical Auditor

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Benchmarking Data


Please download our benchmarking data sheet, to see how these data compare with your own performance. To discuss a more detailed report, or analysis of a data subset, please get in touch.


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How to be a Clinical Auditor

So you want to be a Clinical Auditor? An article written by CEO.Dr.