ADAMAS Consulting, a global independent Quality Assurance and Quality Management System consultancy, will be exhibiting at this year’s ExL Clinical Quality Oversight Forum this week in Philadelphia.  The Forum focuses on ensuring clinical trial integrity by effectively assessing, optimizing and managing the quality of clinical vendors and sites.

Shehnaz Vakharia, ADAMAS’s Head of Business for the Asia Pacific region, will be there. If you are conducting trials in the Asia Pacific, or are considering countries in the region for future trials, then come visit our exhibit and bring us your toughest questions.  Shehnaz will provide guidance, share her insights and answer your questions regarding the nuances of conducting clinical research in this part of the world.  Shehnaz and her team of full-time auditors have been providing QA services in the region for more than 10 years.

Overall, ADAMAS brings more than 18 years of experience as a company conducting clinical audits and QMS projects…serving more than 500 clients with projects across 84 countries.  We’re different…with a global staff of dedicated permanently employed ADAMAS Auditors and Consultants, not just contractors, including former GCP and GVP MHRA Inspectors.

With offices in the US, UK and India we have the world covered delivering high quality reports, consistently, and providing the confidence you need for Quality Assurance.

Stop by our exhibit and bring your compliance and QA challenges to our professional experts and auditors.  If you’re not attending but would like to learn more about ADAMAS and our services, give us a call at +1-919-341-3361 or contact Steve Bliss at

The ADAMAS Corporate Brochure 2016


Brochure – Please download the ADAMAS brochure describing our QA services and contact details.

Regulatory Environment


The development of medicines is the most regulated industry in the world, and compliance at each stage of the research and development process, as well as after licensing, is critical to ensuring high quality and safe medicines reach patients in a timely manner.



ADAMAS’s consultants have expertise across the G’X’Ps in pre-clinical, clinical and post-licensing areas. They have worked across many different therapeutic areas and product types including oncology, vaccines, biologics, medical devices and gene therapy. As a company we have developed close partnerships with our clients to support them in their development programmes and post-licensing activities, and to guide them successfully through their worldwide regulatory inspections.


How to be a Clinical Auditor


‘So you want to be a Clinical Auditor?’, an article written by CEO Dr. Patricia Fitzgerald.

Benchmarking Data


Please download our benchmarking data sheet, to see how these data compare with your own performance. To discuss a more detailed report, or analysis of a data subset, please get in touch.

Is your QMS compliant?


Is your QMS compliant to the upcoming ICH E6 Addendum? Download our 5-point checklist

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